Carpet Maintenance Tips: Quick Carpet Fixes

The carpet in your home is a big investment. It enhances your home décor. Thus it’s quite frustrating when a damaged beautiful rug or carpet gets dull or damage due to several reasons. But, if you don’t call a professional or just live with the damage until you replace the carpet, it may end the life of your carpet. Solving these problems yourself is very hard, and you can increase the life of your carpet. But if the damage is very little you can repair your carpet by yourself and save some real money.

In this blog we will show you how to fix three common problems, which are minute and can be resolved by yourself:

1. Wet carpet from leaks or flooding

2. Small damaged spots such as holes, tears, or burns

3. Carpet that has pulled out of a metal threshold

You can fix carpet repair if there’s a small tear, hole, or burn using methods that will make the repair almost invisible. For that, you will need a piece/part of the carpet that matches the damaged piece. If you don’t have remains, you can steal a piece from inside a closet or beneath a piece of furniture you never intend to move.

At first, draw a circle or square around the hole with the help of a pen/ pencil.

With help of an advanced tool, cut out the affected area and carefully remove it.

Then find a piece of affected carpet to use as the carpet patch repair, either from the carpet itself or take a piece from a well-hidden area like a cabinet or space behind, which is of the same colour or pattern as the damaged area from another piece.

Make use of the affected area as a template for the patch.

Then apply carpet tape that’s double-sided to the patch and carefully place it into the hole.

Later, attach the new patch to the existing carpet in such a way that it looks part of it. Now gently rub the entire surface in one direction with the help of a dry cloth or roller.

Carpet patch repair will make the lines invisible of your handiwork and help you get a carpet, which looks new and feels fresh.

Still, if you are not able to fix it, then you can contact our professional carpet repair in Perth. We will assist you in providing quality carpet fixing in Perth. We ensure that you will be completely satisfied with a job done right. With us, you can rest assured that your carpets will be in safe hands.

We don’t just repair or restore your carpet. But we fix the part of your complete home so you can enjoy every bit of it. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the most excellent services at the best pricing possible and at the soonest time possible too with complete professionalism!

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