The Best Way to Fix Damaged Carpet Seam

Repairing frayed seams is affordable and easy. Several reasons can cause the carpet to split, but with bare minimum skills and tools, you can have the frayed seam, and curled-up edges tackled down in no time.

Seam damage is caused due to improper installation, furniture movement, pets, water damage, and low-quality seam tape. Also, cheap carpet steam cleaning Perth service can damage the seam.

No matter how well you take care of your carpet, it eventually wears out with time.

Carpet seam repair service is required at both residential and commercial places. The first thing that you should do to fix carpet seam repair is taping it. You can use a tape that is available at any home improvement shop near you. Putting tape on the damaged area is one of the best options to fix carpet seam  repair.

Is your carpet seam coming apart?

If you notice a part of your carpet is coming up, it may be due to seam damage. Lift the carpet and see what is under there. If you notice an industrial tape, then yes, the carpeting is coming apart at the seam.

Most of the time, carpet seams split because it was not sealed properly. It is especially true with woven or Berber carpets. When this happens, a few rows of carpeting will begin to loosen right at the seam.

Another reason for the carpet seam to split is due to age and traffic. If your carpet has been used for over 20 -30 years, it is common for them to split over the edges. Plus, if you opt for cheap carpet steam cleaning Perth service, there is a high risk of damaging carpet and seam.

Splits in the carpet are not the end of the carpet, with professional carpet seam repair service; you can restore them to their original condition. Get in touch with a reliable carpet seam repair Perth company today!

Fix Damaged  Seam like a Professional Carpet Seam Repair Service Provider

Follow these steps to fix carpet seam, repair, and restore your carpet to its original condition.

Start by measuring the length of the split on the carpet.

Cut the seam tape a little longer than the section. Cutting longer tape ensures that it does not make its way through the openings around the split. If you do not have seam tape at home, you can get adhesive from the home supply stores or hardware.

Next, pull one edge of the carpet. Use a pencil to draw a line on the floor along the edge where the other part of the carpet meets the floor. It will help you understand the center point where you have to place the tape.

Pull the seam further back, ensure that you are not pulling too hard, as it may cause it to spit more. Pull seam just enough to add adhesive or stick the tape.

Remove the paper tack from both sides of the tape and gently press the carpet seam over it. Allow it to dry before using it.

There to have it, simple and effective carpet seam repair technique. If you feel that it is challenging for you to do it on your own, get in touch with a professional carpet seam repair Perth Company.