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Carpet patching is a technique for repairing small patches of damaged carpet that have been burned, soil edor torn. The damaged section of the carpet is removed, and a new piece of matching carpet is installed in its place. Hot glue is used to secure the new carpet piece in place.

Metro Carpet Repair Perth in Alfred Cove experts are IICRC certified and have a deep knowledge  in carpet Patch Repair, carpet torn repair ,carpet hole repair , carpet seam repair services & So on . We provide   24*7 customer support & Same Day Carpet Repair services in Commercials, Residential areas & all parts of the Peth. To know more about it, call us on  +480031966

If there isn’t any remaining matching carpet, a little piece is frequently retrieved from the closet or another secret area. We provide a comprehensive Carpet Patch Repair service in Alfred Cove and the surrounding areas.

We give clients high-quality service at reasonable pricing, and we’ve built a reputation for providing the most cheap carpet repair prices in homes and offices.

We gladly take any jobs, no matter how big or small they are. We are the most trustworthy Carpet Patch Repair Service in Alfred Cove, dedicated to providing high-quality service at an accessible price.

Metro Carpet Repair Perth offer various services – some of them are as follow

Carpet Wrinkle Repair Alfred Cove

Carpet Torn Repair Alfred Cove

Carpet Restretching Alfred Cove

Carpet Restretching Repair Alfred Cove

Carpet Hole Repair Alfred Cove

Carpet Seam Repair Alfred Cove

Steps to do Carpet Patch Repair Alfred Cove

Our experts follow a well-thought-out Invisible Carpet Mending procedure:-

  • We begin by inspecting and measuring the damaged area that will be replaced.
  • Next, we tape measured regions in the carpet, making sure that the tape’s inside borders corresponded to the measured area’s size.
  • At the time of installation, we’ll obtain the replacement piece from the leftover carpet. We’ll cut a piece from the least obvious regions of other rooms, such as under the bed or near the walls, if you don’t have any leftovers.
  • To remove the damaged area from the carpet, we utilize a specific cutting instrument (while saving the carpet padding).
  • A replacement is then cut to the exact measurements and patched to the affected region. We carefully place the patch in place and ensure that it is well glued to the carpet.

Finally, we use a carpet brush to disguise the region and give the whole thing a smooth finish.

Usage of  Carpet Patch Repair in Commerical & residential areas

So your carpets have worn out? The answer is Invisible Carpet Mending. We provide the best Carpet Patch Repair Service in Alfred Cove. We fix anything from carpet holes to burn marks to perfection at the most reasonable pricing. We can recover your carpets the same day we arrive at your location. Our impeccable services make it difficult to identify the patched piece son the carpet more difficult. Carpet burn, holes, splits, damage by pets, and bleach stains are some of the most frequent carpet problems that require patching. Patching an existing carpet necessitates the use of the same piece. In the event that a matching piece is not available, a tiny part of carpeting is removed from the hidden places.

Some really helpful tips for Carpet Patch Repair by Professionals

  • Carpets put beauty and elegance to our home & interiors through their elegant colours, textures and designs.
  • While repairing the carpets, there are various things that should be kept in mind so that wrinkles & bagginess can get avoided.
  • Repairs are perfect for small rips, tears, and holes that are beneficial to extend the life of the carpeting. If your carpeting is not that old, patching will help ensure you get the maximum usage out of the carpeting before it needs to be replaced.
  • Professional Carpet services exactly match the pile, colour, and style of carpeting for perfect repair that’s hard to notice. While there are DIY repairs on the request, these no way give a great looking finish and should be avoided because proper matching and doctoring requires times of training
  • Carpet patching is accomplished for getting rid of unwanted spots that won’t advance out, truly after being professionally drawn. Sometimes, certain foods will leave stains in carpets which will ruin the overall look and appearance.
  • Still, also be sure to remove any making below the carpet surface that has been blemished, If your carpet has had any damage to it as well. You may be suitable to regain your carpet and exercise it once the flooring is repaired


Q: How much time it takes to patch carpet?

A: Carpet patching is a quick and easy technique that takes around an hour to complete. However, depending on the amount of work, the length of time may vary. So, don’t put it off any longer and contact us for carpet repairing.

Q: How long the carpet patching will last?

A: When a carpet fragment is patched, it becomes part of the carpet and is intended to remain there indefinitely. It does, however, depend on the type of carpet.

Q: What if I don’t have a spare carpet piece?

A: We will take a piece of carpet from a hidden spot, such as behind a closet or under the bed, in such circumstances.

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