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Have you lately happened to see carpet burns? If yes, then it is imperative that you patch them as soon as possible in order to get them in its original state. However, dealing with carpet burns can be difficult, hence, it is advisable to avail carpet burn repair services from Metro Carpet Repair Perth, who are the best professionals. Carpet burns must be removed in order to have your carpets look fresh and enhance the quality of your carpets.

Why Do You Choose Us?

Are you looking for a way to repair your carpet burns in Perth? Metro Carpet Repair Perth is here to offer you with quality services and to assist you in accessing a plethora of services, as detailed below:

Since we believe in customer satisfaction, our experts concentrate on the needs and requirements of our clients.

The specialists take care of everything and treat broken carpets with care.

We agree that consumers should be aware of everything, so our experts go through the whole repair process with them.

We provide a broad range of services to address the various types of carpet damage.

Our professional assists in the removal of various types of burns from carpets.

Metro Carpet Repair Perth has a proper knowledge of removing carpet burns and can assist you in extracting them as soon as possible. There are different kinds of carpet burns repairs in Perth, all of which are mentioned and handled below.

Friction Burns

These are the most common types of carpet burns that occur when a heavy object is placed on the carpets and rubbed against the carpet’s surface. As a result of the rubbing, heat is generated, resulting in carpet burn. To prevent such burns, the specialist advises against rubbing items on the carpets.

Burns Caused by Heat

These types of burns are common, especially on velvet and leather carpets, which are heat-sensitive. When you’re drinking hot tea or coffee, you usually pace on the carpets. The fabric of the carpets would then become weakened and faded. As a consequence, be careful and use a plate to put hot objects on the carpet.

The sun causes the carpet to burn.

Carpet burns may occur if the carpets are over-dried. When it comes to exposing your carpets to the sun, the high radiation from the sun will cause your carpets’ soft fabric to become rough. To prevent carpet burns, it is essential to dry the carpets in the sun for a short period of time.

Cleaning Agent-Induced Burns

We often use volatile cleaning agents to clean carpets, which are not always secure and can harm the carpet fabric. Our expert, on the other hand, uses natural cleaning agents that have no negative effects on the carpets.

Our Expert’s Recommendations for Treating Minor Burns

Technical aid in coping with mild burns and removing them entirely from the carpets. You may use the following tips to treat minor carpet burns.

If you have an accidental burn, such as cigarette burns on your carpets, you should apply ice to the burned region right away.

If a small burned area is discovered in the carpet, cut the burned thread with scissors and a knife to avoid further damage to the carpet.

If the carpet burns spread to the edges of the hole, carpet glue can be used to secure the edges of the hole and fic the carpet burns.


Is it true that carpet burns are no longer a problem?

There are many methods for removing carpet burns, and if you hire a specialist, you can be assured that your carpet burns will be successfully removed.

Is the treatment for all carpet burns repairs the same?

No, some of the burns are mild, while others are serious. As a result, experts use a variety of techniques to treat various burns.

Does carpet burn repair consume lot of time?

No, it takes about two to three hours for the entire process.

Is Carpet Burn Repair expensive?

No! We offer quality solutions at cost-effective prices.

Do you have technicians that are skilled and trusted?

Yes, we have technicians that are well-trained, knowledgeable and proficient.

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