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Leading Carpet Restretching Perth

Metro Carpet Repair Perth offers carpet restretching service for all the baggy and loose carpets on domestic or commercial property. At Metro Carpet Repair Perth, we have a team of technicians that specialize in carpet restretching and restoring. Further, they are trained to use a wide range of cleaning tools and techniques to provide you with top-notch carpet restretching Perth results.

Metro Carpet Repair Perth offers the following services:

Restretch rippled carpet

Restretch bubbled carpet

Restretch carpet bumps

Restretch bulged carpet

Restretch wrinkled carpet

Restretch carpet waves

Fix Carpet Seams

Stretch Carpet

Carpet Restretching Perth Service

If your carpets have become loose and baggy then you need to opt for carpet restretching Perth service to restore their original condition. Carpet restretching removes wrinkles, ripples, buckles from the carpet, improving the appearance of the carpets. We also repair frayed seams, burn spots, holes, and even install carpets perfectly. Further, we even offer a red stain removal service to all our customers.

Just like a facelift, carpet restretching is used to remove wrinkles from the carpet and make them tight again. Further, by eliminating wrinkles you can prolong the life of the carpets and prevent them from quick wear and tear. Additionally, it even reduces the risk of tripping over the loose or bundled carpet fabric.

One of the main objectives is to prevent premature wear, improve the appearance and reduce the danger of tripping hazards as much as possible.

Most of our customers describe carpets that need restretching as wrinkled or wavy.

The correct term of this condition is ‘fullness’ and this can be rectified by professional carpet restretching.

Carpet restretching involves pulling the carpet around the edges. Our technicians use a knee kicker stretcher to effectively stretch the carpets.

If required, our technicians trim or cut the surplus carpet to fit it perfectly into the walls and the corners.

In extreme scenarios, we use a carpet power stretcher to get good results.

Further, if the carpet is pulled and glued to the surface then our technicians use the invisible mending technique to provide you with the best results.

Carpet Power Stretching

Wall to wall carpet makes your home cozier and offers comfort to your feet, and even offers noise reduction in your house. Metro Carpet Repair Perth technicians are knowledgeable and are aware of multiple methods for installing wall-to-wall carpets.

One of the methods for installing carpets opt for is professional power stretching tools. All our technicians are trained to use the latest tools to perfectly fit carpets to the wall. This technique does not only offer excellent results, but it is perfect for fitting custom-designed carpets in your home.

Promising Carpet Restretching Perth 

Even those carpets that are cleaned regularly become victims of daily wear and tear. Metro Carpet Repair Perth understands that these changes can spoil the look of your carpet and even increase the risk of tripping over the uneven carpets.

Trained technicians from Metro Carpet Repair Perth will visit your domestic or commercial place and take care of your ugly tripping hazard. They use the world-class stretching machine to pull the carpets along the edges and make them smooth and comfortable again.


Will carpet restretching damage the carpet?

No, carpet restretching will not damage the carpet. It will improve the appearance of the carpets and extend the life of the carpets.

Is it required to cut the carpet?

Sometimes, stretched carpets do not fit perfectly. In such cases, our technicians trim the surplus carpet and fit them properly around the edges and corners.

Do you offer carpet restretching service to big commercial offices?

Yes, we offer carpet restretching service to all commercial places, big or small. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Should I clean carpets before restretching?

It is advised to clean the carpet before restretching to retain its beauty and, to get the best possible results.

Are the technicians certified?

All our technicians are certified and have a vast knowledge of carpet repairing. Get in touch with us to get the best carpet restretching service in Perth.

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