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If you are searching for the best carpet restretching repair Perth service provider to enhance your home/office décor, then you are in the right place. Metro Carpet Repair Perth is the premiere carpet repair service provider in Perth and its surroundings. Call us to know more about our service.

From time to time, accidents happen over carpets that require immediate and precise removal of the damaged area. We specialize in repairing and restoring your carpets to their original condition, be it pet damage, bleach marks, food spills, wear and tear, frayed seams, or burns, we can repair all. Further, if your carpets have developed wrinkles, bumps, waves, bubbles, or ripples and need to restretch the carpets as flat as they were on day one. Get in touch with our carpet restretching repair Perth team and extend the life of your carpets.

Carpets can get ripples and wrinkles due to several reasons, and it needs to be restored at the earliest to avoid further damage. Carpet restretching is one of the best methods to make your carpets look fresh and neat again. We offer carpet restretching repair Perth service at a nominal cost so that everyone can have clean and beautiful carpets at their offices and homes.

Metro Carpet Repair Perth cares about your carpets and never uses harsh chemicals or detergents to clean. All our cleaning products are safe for your carpets, pets, and family members. Further, washing carpets is like a slow-poison that spoils the carpets, so avoid carpet washing as much as possible.

Unlike other carpet repair service providers, we use the latest stretching tools and products to restore your carpets and save your money on carpet replacement.

At Metro Carpet Repair Perth, we believe that a beautiful home starts with a neat and clean carpet. Further, your refreshed carpet is just a call away. Contact us on +61 480031966  and discuss your carpet issues.

Carpet restretching repair process:

Dry Soil Vacuuming: Our technicians remove dry, loose dirt and soil particles from your carpets.

Steaming: Hot steam is applied over greasy and oil stains to easily extract them.

Wrinkle Removal: Our technicians re-install the carpet to remove all the wrinkles.

Moisten: Our technicians lightly moisten the carpet to loosen the embedded dust.

Seaming: Seaming, hauling and layout is considered the best method for restretching carpets. Further, our technicians are trained and qualified to effectively restretch carpet in domestic as well as commercial places.

Hot Water Extraction: The carpet is cleaned using hot steam. As it loosens the dirt particles that are deeply embedded into the carpet with a single wave of a rod.

Grooming: Lastly, our professional technicians groom the fibers to reduce the drying time and make them soft, comfortable.

FAQs on Carpet Restretching Repair Perth

Is it worth doing carpet restretching?

Yes, carpet restretching improves the appearance and even extends the life of your precious carpets. Call us to book an appointment.

Can I restretch carpets using home equipment’s?

Carpet restretching requires training and proper knowledge. If you try to stretch it without proper knowledge, you may further damage the carpet. Further, special equipment is used to stretch the carpets.

What are the reasons for wrinkles in the carpet?

Wrinkles on the carpet may be caused due to several reasons such as pets, furniture, or regular use. Call us to get the best carpet wrinkle removal service.

Is it possible to remove wrinkles from the carpet?

Yes, we offer the best wrinkle removal service in Perth. Call us to schedule an appointment.

How often should I restretch the carpet?

Restretching carpets too often can damage the fabric. Thus, it is advised to restretch carpet once a year or whenever it is required.

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