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Carpet seams are the points where two or more carpet pieces unite. Seam tape and a hot seam iron are used to hold most seams together. The tape can sometimes break away and open up, posing a trip/fall danger. Our Carpet Seam Repair Service can repair broken seams and shredded carpet to make it appear like it came from the manufacturer. Torn seams should be fixed as quickly as feasible for the safety of your family and the appearance of your house.

Metro Carpet Repair Perth in Baskerville experts are IICRC certified and have a deep knowledge  in carpet Patch Repair, carpet torn repair ,carpet hole repair , carpet seam repair services & So on . We provide   24*7 customer support & Same Day Carpet Repair services in Commercials, Residential areas & all parts of the Peth. To know more about it, call us on  480031966

Carpet Seam Repair is used in both commercial and residential settings. We understand your concerns, which is why we provide outstanding Carpet Seam Repair Service in Baskerville. Our team of dependable experts has years of experience and can easily accomplish the repair. You may rest easy knowing that with us on the job, the carpet will be returned in great shape. You may reach out to us to learn more about our low-cost Carpet Seam Repair Service! All of your questions will be promptly answered by our team.

How to do Carpet Seam Repair like a pro

Here’s how to fix carpet seam:-

1. Arrange the Carpet Pieces

Place the two carpet pieces side by side, with about 3 inches of overlap. Make sure the piles in each pieces are facing the same way. If you’re not sure, look for arrows showing the pile direction on the back of the carpet.

2. Put a mark on the first edge and cut it.

The top piece of carpet should be rolled back. Measure 1 inch in from the outer edge of the backing and mark the backing at 12-inch intervals. Snap a chalk line through all of the marks to create a cutting line.

3. To protect the carpet beneath the rolled-back edge from the knife blade, place a board or piece of plywood underneath it. Place a straightedge along the chalk line and use a carpet knife or utility knife to cut through the carpet, using the straightedge as a guide.

4. Replace the newly cut carpet edge over the uncut piece. It should still have a 2-inch overlap with the bottom piece. Place a straightedge along the cut carpet’s edge and, as before, cut through the bottom piece of carpet with the knife, slicing through only a single row of threads. Make sure the cut is as straight as possible this time.

5. Place the Seaming Tape in its proper location

With the adhesive side facing up, centre a line of carpet seaming tape below the two cut edges of the two pieces of carpet. Place the tape over the whole length of the carpet, making sure the two pieces are exactly aligned along their borders.

6. Place the Seaming Iron in its Proper Placement

Then plug in a carpet seaming iron between the two pieces of carpet and against the carpet seam tape to fix carpet seam repair. To begin activating the adhesive on the seam tape, you may need to heat it for several minutes, depending on the type of tape you use.

7. Arrange the seams together

Slowly and gradually move the iron along the seam and over the tape, pausing just long enough to activate the adhesive at each location. As you move the iron, gently press the carpet pieces behind it into the tape, squeezing the pieces together tightly.

8. Finish the Seam

Continue seaming the carpet until the end of the seam is reached. Before removing the weights, leave them on the seam for another 15 minutes.

The end product should be a practically unbroken carpeted surface, with the pile threads concealing the seam.

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Some really helpful tips for Carpet Seam  Repair by Professionals

  • Carpets put beauty and elegance to our home & interiors through their elegant colours, textures and designs.
  • While repairing the carpets, there are various things that should be kept in mind so that wrinkles & bagginess can get avoided.
  • Repairs are perfect for small rips, tears, and holes that are beneficial to extend the life of the carpeting. If your carpeting is not that old, patching will help ensure you get the maximum usage out of the carpeting before it needs to be replaced.
  • Professional Carpet services exactly match the pile, colour, and style of carpeting for perfect repair that’s hard to notice. While there are DIY repairs on the request, these no way give a great looking finish and should be avoided because proper matching and doctoring requires times of training
  • Carpet patching is accomplished for getting rid of unwanted spots that won’t advance out, truly after being professionally drawn. Sometimes, certain foods will leave stains in carpets which will ruin the overall look and appearance.
  • Still, also be sure to remove any making below the carpet surface that has been blemished, If your carpet has had any damage to it as well. You may be suitable to regain your carpet and exercise it once the flooring is repaired.


Q: Do you have qualified technicians on staff?

A: Yes, our highly educated professionals have extensive expertise repairing various carpet varieties. You know it has to be corrected, and we want to help!

Q: Will any harm be caused to my carpets using this method?

A: No, our carpet seam repair procedure is completely safe.

Q: Do you do same-day carpet seam repair in Perth?

A: We do, in fact. We provide same-day service for repairs. Contact us to take advantage of our same-day services at a low rate.

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