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Have you ever had to deal with ripped carpets caused by your pets? Then you must look after your pets and stop having your carpet ripped. If dealing with carpet torn is too stressful for you, contact Metro Carpet Repair Perth, which provides carpet torn repair services in Perth. Pets are known to sit on carpets and break them with their sharp teeth and nails on a daily basis. Instead of removing such damaged carpets, it is safer to have them fixed by a specialist.

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We are the best and provide quality services at affordable rates. We are available 24/7 and also provide same day and emergency services for all our esteemed customers.

Our Process for Repairing Torn Carpets in Perth

Metro Carpet Repair Perth is the best option for fixing broken carpets in your house. To fix broken carpets, our professionals follow a series of procedures. Our professional’s protocol for coping with ripped carpet is illustrated below.

Damaged Areas are Cut

The first move is to use a knife or scissors to remove the damaged area from the carpets. With the aid of a sharp object, the specialist recommends cutting the affected area in the form of a rectangle. To prevent more damage to your carpets, it’s critical to cut the damaged area.

Make a note of the affected area.

The next move is to mark the damaged area so that you can cut the damaged area to the exact size you need it without tearing the rest of the carpet.

Look for a patch that matches.

The next move is to locate a similar patch for the carpet that has been destroyed. Our expert cut a section of the carpet to create a patch that will be added to the damaged region. Our experts recommend looking for the same patch so that the fix appears normal.

Affix the patch

The next move is to apply carpet glue to the patch and secure it in place in the carpets. Our experts will add glue to the patch as well as the damaged area, and then secure the patch to the damaged area.

When it comes to carpet repair, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Professional assistance in repairing the broken carpets in the most effective manner. The professional recommends a few things to keep in mind for a successful repair, which are mentioned below.

To avoid creating a problem for yourself, the specialist recommends washing the carpets before fixing them.

Vacuuming the carpets is essential to remove dirt and particles that have become stuck to the carpets and are near the damaged area.

Instead of fixing carpets in a clumsy environment, choose an open area. Since carpets are difficult to fix and the professional can discover a problem while handling the carpets.


Are your technicians professional enough to do the carpet torn repair?

Yes, we hire only professionals who have a decent amount of experience.

Is carpet torn repair expensive?

Not at all! Metro Carpet Repair Perth provides affordable services without compromising on the quality.

Is carpet torn repair a best option than replacing the carpet?

Yes, indeed. Repairing a torn carpet will save a lot of money.

Do you provide same day services?

Yes, we provide same-day services for all our clients.

Can we get a express booking?

Yes of course, you can get a express booking by enquiring on our number +61 480031966.

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