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Water damage is an emergency, and it is crucial to deal with water damage at the earliest to avoid contamination and secondary damage to the surrounding elements. Hygroscopic materials such as timber, plaster wall, etc., are likely to be affected due to high humidity in the air.

Cleaning water damaged carpets is a complex job, and if you delay the service for longer than 24-hours, then the damage may get severe or beyond repair.

Metro Carpet Repair Perth follows a specific process to provide you unmatched results and even reduces the risk of contamination, bacterial growth, stains, and foul smell.

Categories, classification, and causes for water damage 

Water damage to the carpet can occur in a residential or commercial place due to several reasons such as burst pipes, clogged pipes, floodwater, washing machine overflow, or dishwasher leakage. Further, it can cause irreversible damage to the structure, electronics, and flooring.

Water damage is categorized under three categories depending on the water source:

Category 1: The first category includes leakage from broken pipes, sink overflows, or appliances malfunctioning including, dishwasher or washing machine water supply lines.

Category 2: Category two includes the source of water that has chemicals or some contaminants that may cause sickness or discomfort to humans. This category is also known as ‘greywater’. Water from a sump pump, toilet bowl, washing machine, etc., is categorized under this.

Category 3: Category three includes water that is highly unsanitary and can cause a severe health risk to humans. Sewage water, medical water, rice or seawater, or ground surface water is categorized under this. Category three is also known as ‘Black Water’.

Special Category: This includes water that has hazardous material like asbestos, mercury, lead, arsenic, etc., mixed in it.

Further, the class of the water damage is categorized based on the rate of evaporation. Before moving towards drying and cleaning the carpets, it is essential to determine the class of the water damage. Additionally, knowing the class of water damage helps the experts in determining the equipment to use and the duration to dry the structure.

Class 1: The content absorbs minimum moisture, and the rate of evaporation is slow. This type of water damage has little or zero effect on the underlay or the carpet.

Class 2: The rate of evaporation is high and it may wick the walls (12-24 inches). The water damage may affect the entire room, carpet, and underlay.

Class 3: The rate of evaporation is the fastest, water comes from the ceiling and affects the insulation, electrical appliances, carpets, and even the floor. It saturates the entire structure.

Class 4: This includes special drying conditions and applies to materials with low porosity such as plaster, brick, concrete, or hardwood floor. To dry in such conditions, technicians require very low specific humidity.

Water damaged carpet repair and drying method

Our professional, certified technicians follow the IICRC standard procedure to offer you the best possible water damage carpet repair outcome.

An out-and-out inspection of the water-damaged property:

Our technicians inspect the damage and non-damaged using special gadgets, water sensing equipment, moisture meters, thermal imaging equipment, etc. Further, they take all the possible precautions to identify the safety hazards.

Our technicians even determine the class and category of water damage. Plus, they assess the wet carpet, subfloors, underlay, structure frame, plaster walls and even check the level of contamination.

The severity of water damage can be determined based on the complete and thorough inspection. Further, through this, we identify the salvageable and non-salvageable objects. Additionally, our technicians would advise if any structure needs cutting or disposing of.

Determining the scope of work and cost:

Based on the finding from the inspection, our technicians develop a suitable restoration technique. At this stage, we give out the estimated cost and time to dry, clean, and restore the water-damaged area.

Extracting water from the wet carpets:

We use special water extraction equipment to quickly extract water from the water damaged carpets. Water removal is crucial to restoring the property. The more water is extracted, the faster and efficiently the area will dry.

Mould prevention treatment:

Mould grows in moist, damp areas. Water damage makes the area damp, ideal for the growth of mould. Moulds can spoil the surface and leave stains that are hard to remove.

By using mould control treatment, we reduce the spread of the fungus. Our antimicrobial treatment starts during the wet carpet drying and is applied again after the area is completely dried out to prevent future growth of mould.

Drying structure and carpet using dehumidifiers and air-movers:

After the water is extracted, we use high-quality air movers to remove water and reduce the drying time. Further, we use an industrial-grade dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air.

If required, our technicians may lift the carpet to effectively dry the subfloor and the structure.

Stain removal from the water damaged carpets:

Once the carpet is completely dried, our experienced technicians start the process of removing browning stains that are caused due to water residues.

Carpet restretching:

If the carpet is lifted or removed to dry properly, then our technicians will re-lay and restretch it to make it as flat as before the damage.

Ongoing moisture monitor 

We use moisture meters to check the moisture at all the steps from the beginning of the service until drying to achieve the best possible water damaged carpet repair Perth result.

We keep the dehumidifier and air movers running and keep checking the moisture to control the humidity and moisture of the affected area.

We consider the job complete only when the instruments confirm that the affected area is restored to the pre-loss moisture condition.

Steam cleaning carpet with antimicrobial sanitizer:

We steam clean the carpet and spray antimicrobial sanitizer to kill all the bacteria and remove damp odour from the damaged area.

Final report:

After completion of the water damaged carpet repair Perth process, we offer a final report that can be used for insurance claims.

If you come across such an unpleasant situation at home or office, do not wait. Call our technicians to effectively restore your property and make it safe for everyone.


Can I leave carpets to dry naturally?

If the water damage is little then it can be a good option, but if water damage is severe then leaving carpets to dry naturally can further harm the carpet. Thus, it is advised to call a professional to dry the carpets.

When to call a professional to restore water damaged carpets?

To restore carpets effectively and to reduce the risk of further damage, it is essential to call professionals at the earliest.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner to dry carpets?

You may use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suck out the moisture from the carpet. But, it doesn’t extract water completely from the carpets. So, if you have a water damaged carpet, then call Metro Carpet Repair Perth.

What is the need to hire a professional for extracting water from carpets?

Professionals have the necessary training, tools, and experience to effectively extract water and restore your valuable carpets.

How long does it take to restore water damaged carpets?

Duration to restore water damaged carpets depends on the severity of the damage. Our technicians thoroughly assess the damaged area before confirming the cost and time to restore carpets.

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